My Morning with a Kindergartner

S’s mom called this week and wondered if we had any free time to spend with him this weekend. They had some stuff going on and thought he might like to see us. Something you should know about S is that he fell head over heels in love with my mom, Laura, while he was with us. I knew his first choice for a visitor would be her but she was on a plane back from Africa this morning. His second choice would definitely be D but he is out of town as well. That left S with me – definitely third choice and maybe fourth if he thought Piper was an option.

I picked him up and at first he was just giggly and nervous. He seemed happy to see me but hesitant. It took some convincing but we finally got his shoes on and we headed out to the library by his house. I was impressed with how calm he was. We played with puppets and then he did a little maze/puzzle on his own. I was pretty amazed at how long his attention span was. He was not as nearly as talkative as he used to be but he did insist on listening to “the song with no words” (a Dr. Dre instrumental that we used to play all the time when he lived with us). After lunch, we got in the car and talked about what was new in his life, mainly kindergarten. ┬áHere is the scoop…

  • I asked if his teacher was a boy or a girl. He said, “She is a girl. All teachers are girls.” Silly me.
  • I asked if she was mean or nice. He said, “She is mean. She doesn’t let me listen.” Mmmm…I’m not so sure about that one.
  • I asked what he was learning. He said they learned the alphabet and then the teacher wanted them to say it backwards. His thoughts? “That’s ridiculous. No one needs to say it backwards.”
  • I asked him if any of the kids from his pre-k class were in his new class and then I named a few that I remembered. The one boy I named had long hair and S was always insistent that this made him a girl. “He is a she. He is a girl.” I tried to explain that some boys have long hair but S wasn’t buying it.

We got back to his home and he gave me a hug goodbye. I told him I would see him soon and he said, “Okay. Next time, bring Laura.”

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