Milestones and Firsts

I’ve mentioned before how I can get a little sad at times about all the “firsts” we have missed with our boys. I guess that is why when we get to experience them I am fighting back tears.

Yesterday morning, DIB came and told me he had something stuck between his teeth. I told him to go brush them but he said that didn’t work so D gave it a look. Sure enough, he had an adult tooth coming in right behind his front baby tooth. He walked over to me and I wiggled his little baby tooth shocked to see that it was very, very loose! I told him, “You have a loose tooth. You are getting your big kid teeth.” He was just beaming with excitement. I was resisting tears and the urge to scream, “Please stop growing up!”  Since they were headed to my moms yesterday, I told him that if his tooth fell out he needed to tell Grandma.

When I picked him up the tooth was still there but he had been wiggling it all day. We recently read The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist so he was pretty familiar with the whole loose tooth situation. We had plans to go to a fundraiser for a friend’s mission trip so we picked up D at home and headed our way to the restaurant.

On the way there, DIB shouted, “My tooth fell out!” He handed me this tiny little tooth and showed us his brand new gap. (Again, I tried not to cry.) We noticed later that the tooth right next to it is also loose so the Tooth Fairy might be at our house a couple times this week.  He asked us if the Tooth Fairy was real or pretend. I told him the Tooth Fairy was a really fun thing to pretend but that the surprise he will find under his pillow would be very real!

He proceeded to tell everyone at the restaurant – our waitress, the friends we ran into – that he lost his tooth. He did not skip any part of the story starting with, “This morning, we saw that I had a loose tooth….” I hope everyone wanted all the details.

When we got home, we put the tooth in a little baggie and DIB put it under his pillow. The Tooth Fairy made it there around 10:00 pm and put a dollar under the pillow and took the tooth. D suggested we leave a quarter but I kindly told him that this was 2011. The kid should get a dollar. If it was Grandpa Tooth-Fairy, then he would have gotten a twenty.

At 6:20 am this morning, DIB came into our room to show us his dollar. We told him that it was so exciting but he really needed to get back in bed. He went to the bathroom first and it was taking a little longer than necessary. Before heading back to his room, he stopped back in our room and said,

Guys, I have something to tell you. I was trying to pee and hold on to my dollar and I dropped it in the toilet.

He was holding the dollar as he told us this. The thing is that, at our house, sleep takes a high priority even over germs so I told him to go put the dollar down and we would take care of it later. But, please, get back in bed.

6 thoughts on “Milestones and Firsts

  1. 1. I love the way you explain the tooth fairy…I am so stealing that response when I have older kids.
    2. Your family is adorable!!! And there are lots MORE firsts to come!!!

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