Mental Snapshots

Remember Jim & Pam’s wedding episode where they take mental snapshots throughout the day? Well, I find myself doing that a lot lately.

Friday night about seventy people from our church gathered to assemble HOPE gift bags that we are distributing to 7,000 houses this month. Kids were welcome to join the “packing party” and it was a great opportunity to teach our boys about sharing our faith. After talking to them a bit, D2 said, “So, we want everyone to know about Jesus.” Exactly, buddy.

The boys’ behavior that day had not been awesome, especially A. I was a bit nervous about bringing them especially since it was right before bedtime and A is prone to evening meltdowns. Fortunately, we have some wonderful friends who let the boys “work” with them as they assembled bags.

Our friend’s Mike & Kelly have two boys (ages 11 & 10) and D2 & A LOVE them. Ryan and Josh are their heroes. Ryan was nice enough to let D2 tag along with him throughout the night. They did some jobs together, got water for volunteers and even assembled some bags.

At one point, I asked D2 if he wanted a new job and he said, “I just want to be with Ryan.” We see a whole new side of him when he is with older kids. So often he is the “boss” since he is the oldest child. It is nice to see him looking up to someone else. (We made sure to slip Ryan a $5 for being such a good sport).

Because I’m “that mom” I was checking on them every few minutes and I called out to D2, “You doing okay?” He looked at me with this huge smile on his face and gave me a thumbs up. He seemed so proud of himself for being able to work alongside the big kid. In my mind, I was thinking, “God, help me keep that in my memory forever.”  They are just growing up so quickly and it is so easy to forget these sweet  moments.

4 thoughts on “Mental Snapshots

  1. Do you keep a camera in your purse? I have trained myself to keep my camera either within arms reach at home, or either in my purse or pocket with outside our house… and I take pictures every single day! I’ll never regret it!

    • My camera is HUGE! I do have a small one somewhere (gotta find that) but I use my phone most of the time. But for those unexpected moments, I’m just not quick enough.

  2. I love that you participated as a family. I wish we could have been there, too. It was just a bad weekend for us. Your boys are awesome. I know it tears at your heart to see them grow up so quickly, but I just love watching them grow!

  3. Love this post! I feel like it’s been too long since we’ve seen them. Maybe we will have to plan a trip to the zoo (w/ the hubby’s too) when D2 is home from school?!

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