Meeting His Match

We have all heard those stats that claim women use 20,000 words per day while men use 7,000. This has just never played out in our home. D is way more talkative than I am. I think a lot of it is how he processes things and a lot of it has to do with being an extrovert. I’m not quiet but I just don’t talk as much as he does. Although, sometimes I just want a  little peace and quiet, I’m not complaining. We are never lacking in conversation.

In these past few months of getting to know our kids, it is just hilarious to us that D has met his match in D2. The kid never stops. My friend Sara joined us the other afternoon for a walk. With three kids we were not walking too fast so it took about forty-five minutes. D2 talked the entire time. I’m not exaggerating. Something he says often (usually before rest time, bed time or some other time where he needs to be still) is, “I just have so many questions.” What follows that statement is rarely questions. I called my mom to check in on the kids while I was at work and heard D2 in the background. I asked who he was talking to and she said, “No one. He is by himself.” No wonder A can get so frustrated sometimes – he barely has a chance to get a word in.  Our kids don’t have our genetics but I love that father and son are so much alike in this personality trait.

3 thoughts on “Meeting His Match

  1. They are both SO sweet. Talkers are good, you never have to worry about what they are thinking 🙂 I loved when D2 came in and said “I believe I like your train table”. He is hilarious!

  2. J and I are the same way – he’s definitely more of a talker and never lets anything go undiscussed. It’ll be fun someday to see what our kids personalities will be like and which of us they tend to take after.

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