Marital Bliss

During one of our pre-marital counseling sessions, our pastor asked me, “Are you in love with D or are you in love with marriage?” They had to explain the question to me a couple of times. What our pastor was asking me was, “Are you doing this for the right reasons or do you just want to get married?” I didn’t have to think about my answer (once I understood the question)…I was (and still am) in love with D.

So, two years ago today, D and I got married. And it has been great. There were surprises and adjustments but overall, the last two years have been wonderful. I love being married. I am a better person because there is someone there to say things to me like, “Let it go” and “Calm down.” It is good to hear those things because I am the more high-strung (well, I prefer passionate) one in our relationship.

Through our engagement and in our first year of marriage we received a lot of books and studies giving us the “ten keys to a happy marriage” or explaining to us the difference between men and women. Some of the books made good points. Some of them were ridiculous. Very few of them pointed out what marriage really is – a picture of Christ and the church. As I’ve read certain things on marriage, I have known something was missing in their message but I could not quite put it into words.

But, now, I don’t have to, because Francis and Lisa Chan have in their message Christ-Centered Relationships. As we have mentioned before, we both listen to a fair amount of podcasts. I had downloaded the most recent sermon from Cornerstone Church – Simi Valley and decided to listen to it on Friday driving home from work. I was so excited about what they were saying about marriage I was doing fist pumps while driving. I told D when I got home that I thought I might kiss my iPod because the sermon was that awesome. Everyone should go listen to it now.

In our modern-day evangelical Christianity, we have made it very easy for marriage and our families to become an idol. And while our families are a priority in our lives and deserve attention, they are ultimately a way that Christ shows His love to the world. Our ultimate devotion is to God. As Lisa Chan states in the message, marriage is one part of our process of sanctification. I really cannot put the sermon in to words better than the Chans put it so please, please go listen to their sermon.

If you are like me, I learn by example. And right before I went to post this entry I read this: Big Changes for The Evanses. I have never met the Evans face-to-face but D knows them through Moody. And I think what they are doing is awesome.

While we are not perfect, we are thankful for our marriage and are really excited to see how God plans to use it to further His Glory. And we pray that He helps us continue to realize that it really is not about us.

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