Marathon Weekend

It was a big weekend.  After months of training, D completed the Detroit Freepress/Flagstar Marathon.  He finished in 4 hours and 10 minutes!  Yay, D!  It sounded like it was pretty rough and he says he is done with marathons.  I was able to see him cross the finish line which was fun until about two seconds after he crossed and I could tell he was not feeling too great.  Due to the barriers there were set up I could not get to him right away.  I don’t think he actually needed me but I was annoyed.  We finally met up at the end of the barriers and he was able to sit down and rest.  I’m pretty proud of him but I am fine if he never does this again.

I also participated in the big day by walking the half-marathon with a few friends.  It was a beautiful day for a long walk. We finished in 3 hours and 16 minutes.  I had a great time seeing different parts of the city that we do not normally get to see.

DSC_0108My walking buddies.

You can watch us at the finish line here.  My group is in the video entitled “Detroit Marathon 3:14.30 – 3:39.57”.  We finished at 3:37 clock time; I’m wearing a blue hat and I come across with four other women.  D’s in the video entitled “Detroit Marathon 3:40.26 – 4:40.06” and he finished at 4:15 clock time. You can tell it is him because he checks his watch as soon as he crosses.

Here is the marathoner after we got home and he got a little rest in the car & the watch that was keeping his time:


In other big news this weekend, my mom and I were able to attend a fashion show at Somerset hosted by Tim Gunn of Project Runway.
Make it work, people.

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  1. I forgot you were walking the half, Krysta. Congratulations to both of you! Dan, you can give up on marathons, but don't give up on running! 🙂 Oh, and the medal looks awesome.

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