Let Your Voice Be Heard

Ok, here’s the deal. I didn’t have time (or energy) to shave during Summer Camp and then didn’t get around to it for another 5 days after I got back (because I’m lazy like that). So I decided on Saturday that I would shave everything but my mustache. When I got home from playing basketball K informed me that she was not a fan.

I now am reaching out to the tens of you who read this to leave a comment on whether you like the mustache D or the clean shaven D. We’ll make it a little poll. Choose your preference in the comments (everyone needs to vote) and I’ll tally them and let you know which look wins.

Mustache D
Boring non-mustache D

15 thoughts on “Let Your Voice Be Heard

  1. I reminded of a old proverb that goes like this: “You can take the boy out of Madison Heights but you can’t take the Madison Height-ness out of him”The mustache rules the day!!!davep.s. next time – work the fu-manchu (mom is a big fan of it)

  2. First I need to know if “Mustache Dan” truly does indeed wear a shirt- or is that part of “Mustache Dan’s” allure?I’m with Krysta!

  3. Sorry, Dan, unless you’re going for a bad different, you should always go with what your wife says. You know that she is right!

  4. jenni – i think it’s pregnancy that is making you nauseous, not dan’s “look at me” mustache just my two cents,dave

  5. oh shush dave. i assure you…it is the mustache making me want to hurl. also, ellie, baby #2 and murphy voted as well and they are in agreement with me. total: 4 votes no mustache

  6. I think I have to agree with my husband on this one. You rock that mustache Dan!! Keep it brotha. Sorry Krysta:)

  7. i told kevin that we would be OVER if he got a mustache. that was before we were married, of course.still, got your back, krysta.

  8. Dan I vote for the stache. That is if you are going for the 70’s cop look. Father like son, right? So when is piper going to sport the stache?. . . and I am jealous of your Oakland Hills adventure.

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