K Gets Support from Her Friends

Four times a year K and I go down to Cornerstone Schools. Cornerstone is a school in Detroit with a few different locations that seeks to make an excellent education for students in Detroit. There are partners who help pay for the students to go to school (along with Parents, who pay some cost for their kids to attend). They have four “partner days” where the people that donate money come down and spend the morning with the students they are helping support. Some of this kids don’t have a specific partner on those days, so K and I volunteer to be “Good Samaritans” and hang out with them for the morning. We go to the second grade classrooms.

All that to say, after each “partner day” we get a letter from the kids we got to hang out with. K had four kids that she spent time with. Here are their letters to her:

Dear Ms. B,
Thank you for visiting our school. We really appreciate it. I’m glad that you helped me with the project. It was very fun. I hope you can come see us again. We miss you very much. God bless you.
– E

Dear Ms. B,
Thank you for coming. I look forward seeing you again. I am going to the Tiger’s baseball game for Cornerstone. Can you come? I look forward to seeing you next year. Have a great summer. Stay Cool. May God Bless you in a lot of ways.
p.s. Thank you for coming.
– A

Dear Ms. B,
Thanks for joining our Cornerstone family. I had a good time being with you. I had a fun time making the flowers for people in the nursing home. To have a great time is to have a special crime. I hope you can come back for the baseball game in September. I will write another letter another time bye!!
– D

And my favorite one of all (remember K is gluten free):

Dear Ms. B,
Thank you for coming and sharing your job with us. I am sorry that you can’t eat cookies, but they are really good especially the chocolate chip. Do you like fish and shrimp? I can’t eat fish but I can’t eat shrimp. God bless you.
– M

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