On Tuesday, as I was leaving work and talking on the phone to my friend Heather, I got a call from our agency. I suspected it was about something I had called them about over the weekend. But when I answered it was not the person I was expecting. It was the woman who makes calls about placement and she told me she had a five year old boy who needed a home. I told her I would call her right back because my husband was out of town and I needed to check with him first. But I already knew the answer.

The kiddo was dropped off at our house later that evening and we’ve been getting to know each other ever since. D came home late Wednesday night. He took Thursday off and we were able to spend pretty much the whole day together. ¬†Obviously, we are not going to get into much detail about why the kiddo is with us. We actually do not have much information on that ourselves.

I can tell you that he is energetic, hilarious and super cute. Also, he is in love with our dog and he calls him Wiper (his name is Piper) and refers to him as a her. Piper loves the kiddo as well but not as much as the kiddo loves him.

It is not easy but we are having a lot of fun. Thanks for all your prayers and the loads of encouragement we have received via text, emails, phone calls, Facebook, and tweets.

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