Just in Case You Haven’t Heard…

Yesterday morning, I received word from our social worker that we have received consent to adopt the boys! The next step is waiting for a court date. We did all our court-related paperwork ahead of time so the Petition to Adopt has already been filed as well as the paperwork for their new birth certificates.

Although we knew that this was coming and did not expect any interruptions to the process, I was surprised at how emotional I felt when we got word that consent had been signed. I honestly do not know how we ever did life without these two guys. We are so over-the-top in love with them and so is our extended family.

And just to make 2011 (or possibly early 2012) a little more exciting, we decided to add to our family once again.

Baby #3 is due just between Christmas and New Years. Was it planned? Uh, kinda. Were we surprised still? Definitely. What do the boys think? They are excited but I wouldn’t say it has exactly deterred them from their normal activities of pretending to be firemen. So, there you have it: family of five within just over a year.

We are off on a vacation with extended family which hopefully means I get to take lots of naps.

*Photos by Jenn Anibal

12 thoughts on “Just in Case You Haven’t Heard…

  1. Congratulations on the adoption being almost official. I hope your court date is soon to make it a done deal. Does that mean we will see the boys faces in pictures then? The world should see how cute they are! I like that picture of the family with the ultrasound….you were saving it for this very post, weren’t you?

  2. sometimes it doesn’t even occur to me that the boys are not officially yours yet. they are your family and have been since the day you met them. we love them and can’t wait to celebrate their adoption!

    aaaand….it’s out! K is KNOCKED UP! 🙂

  3. Love this!! Congratulations!! So happy for you guys!!! and totally not gonna lie, but I’m totally bias for celebration toward people who adopt before having their own!!!! Yay!!! and totally curious how long your adoption process will take…our case looks like it’s headed that way..but time will tell!

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