Jim and Pam

K and I both really like The Office. K (and me as well) were a little annoyed that Jim did not propose to Pam in last nights season finale. That was disappointing. Pam might go to New York and leave Jim all alone and who knows what will happen then.


However, this was not the only sad Jim and Pam news. For some reason K and I decided to get some fish when we were living in our apartment. After killing 3 in 2 weeks we finally got two that seemed to be able to live longer than a month in our home. We decided to call them Jim and Pam (we don’t know which one is which). Our fish are now located in our office where I forget to feed them all the time and let the water in their tank get disgustingly dirty. We don’t really think about them all that much. Today I went in to feed them and one of them was floating on the top of the water dead. It was the smaller of the two fish so I decided that it was Pam. Jim is now left all alone. K sees some connection between the two Jim and Pam’s since it happened so close together. I just think I killed a fish.


Here’s Jim all alone in his tank


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3 thoughts on “Jim and Pam

  1. I am pretty sure that Jim and Pam will get engaged next season. They just wanted to “hook” you so that you will watch next year. Also, I think Jim will be taking Ryan’s place and now be Michael’s new boss. So Pam and Jim will be together in New York and Jim can still have those great interactions with Michael. That’s my theory – and you can tell I have spent too much time on this.:)Dave

  2. We too spent most of yesterday evening mourning Jim’s missed opportunity. And the fish are definitely a bad sign for the future, there’s been a disturbance in the force.

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