Israel (Western Wall)

The Western Wall deserves it’s own entry. And yes, I know there was another long delay between my Israel posts. Deal with it. Or, maybe you just enjoy what K writes and don’t really care about my Israel posts anymore. If that’s the case, I take no offense at all, just skim the pictures on this post and you’re good.

The Western Wall was unbelievable. Also known as the Wailing Wall because it was known as the place that the Jews wailed over the destruction of the Temple and the fact that they did not own the land. Now they own the land so there isn’t a real need to wail.

On to the pictures…

Western Wall from a distance. They were doing some construction just to the south of the wall (which is what that scaffold thing is there for)
K and I at the Wall. This is as close as we could get to it together. There is a women’s section and a men’s section.

Up close picture of the women’s area.

The men’s area.

An Orthodox Jew reading and praying at the Wall.

Prayers placed in the Wall.

To the left of the outside part of the men’s area (when facing the Wall) is this enclosed area. It is called Robinson’s Arch and originally was the foundations for a ramp/steps up to the entrance to the Second Temple. It is lined with bookshelves with Torah’s and other important Jewish writings on the opposite side of the Wall. It was a really amazing place to be in. There were lots of Orthodox Jewish men praying in here. This picture is from the end of the room looking back towards the entrance.

All the men had to were Yamaka’s. I was probably deep in prayer when this picture was taken. Or I was blinking… I can’t remember which.

Funny story: We were waiting to go into a tunnel which the Jews have dug out along the entire stretch of the Western Wall when these two guys showed up. They told Krysta they wanted their picture taken, so she took it. Then they told her that they wanted her in the picture with them. I showed them my wedding ring and told them we were married. They apologized and promptly moved on to our friend Katie. She denied their advances as well. An hour later as I was leaving the Western Wall, I saw the guy on the left leaning against the Wall in prayer. I guess nominal believers isn’t just a Christian thing.

Looking at a large dug out area of the Western Wall.

Each large stone of Herod’s Wall (Solomon built the first Temple, it was destroyed and Herod built it a second time) is surrounded by a fine-chiseled border. So we were walking along the tunnel looking at a wall that was built 2,000 years ago and was looked at by Jesus. Amazing.

A view down the tunnel with the Herodian stones of the Western Wall.

For even more information you can go here (This is for my Dad and any other history buffs).

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