Israel (Part 1)

We’ve been back for almost a week now and I think K has finally stopped waking up at four in the morning. For some reason, both in Israel and then back here, I never had a problem sleeping. It’s a gift.

Anyways, both K and I were completely blown away by our trip to Israel. Not by the war going on there, but by how amazing of a place Israel is. In reality, we felt completely safe almost the entire time we were there. A few moments left us feeling a bit nervous, but that makes it more fun.

We left on New Years Day and took an eight hour flight to Frankfurt and then a four hour flight from there to Tel Aviv. K, who does not particularly enjoy flying, did great. We landed in Tel Aviv in the evening of January 2nd and immediately checked out Joppa.

Two important things about Joppa:

1) Jonah leaves from Joppa in his disobedience to God. It doesn’t go well.

2) Peter is staying in Joppa (at Simon the Tanner’s house) when he has his vision in Acts 10. Tradition has it that Simon the Tanner’s house is located down that little alley. Tradition said a lot of things about specific locations on this trip. However, Simon the Tanner’s house was located somewhere close to this location. This is true with every other “tradition location.” It may not be the exact spot, but it is close to where a biblical event went down.

That night we spent some time walking on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. I stuck my hand in just so I could say that on this trip I was in the Mediterranean, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, and Dead Sea.

The next day was the busiest day we had all trip. It deserves its own post.

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