I’m a Put Fire On You

Last night, we gave the boys a bath. For some reason they seemed to be full of extra energy after this and the whole “getting dry & putting on pajamas” post-bath routine turned into a ten minute segment of them doing and saying hilarious things. D and I were both in tears from laughing so hard. This is not totally uncommon.

Saturday morning, the boys’ lawyer (yes, they have a lawyer) came to visit them. They were eating breakfast and were fairly unimpressed with her awkward attempts to interact with them. Instead of answering her questions, they went into “super-silly” mode and barraged her with comments like, “I’m a put fire on you, I’m a put ketchup on you.” (They think fire men put fire on things. I have no explanation for the ketchup comments).

Due to so many moments that we quickly forget, we are blatantly stealing our friends’ idea and have created a little blog to document some of the funny things the boys say. We think they are funny, but we are their parents. I have no idea if anyone else will read it or care but I thought I’d at least give you the option.

My mom kept a notebook of the funny things we said as a kid and I always loved reading it. My favorite one that I remember was this:

While watching Family Feud and the topic being, “Name Something You Buy to Impress People”, Jeff (my little brother) shouted out “Grapes!”

This new blog is our version of my mom’s notebook. Enjoy if you like!

9 thoughts on “I’m a Put Fire On You

  1. yay! my mom kept a notebook too and we still look back and read the silly things we said as kids! you will love having this blog! 🙂 and i’ll love reading it!

  2. Like the blog idea, the Browns might steal that. We’ve had some doozies too. The best always seem to be real words that sound like swear words in toddlers or congested little boys. Might also have something to do with my maturity level.

    I particularly liked the “Googly eyes”, “Good job!”. Got to love the sibling camaraderie.

    Also, I’m very impressed by Jeff.

    • This is similar to why Dan is always prompting the boys to say “bridge”, “clock” and “stick.”

      Hey…we all still need to get together!

  3. This is great! Its not just you thinking it, your kids are hilarious, I especially like how they were trying to figure out if you had a butt

  4. Such a cute idea!! I am obsessed with reading mkig.com – u should check it out sometime. (My kid is gifted) its all the funny things kids say and embarrassing moments for their parents!

  5. How fun!!! People love the kids’ sayings…it’s by far the most popular part of our family blogging. Your kids are really funny, too! I’m glad you enjoy the post bath routine. We’re sometimes just ready to get it all over with and have them in bed! 🙂

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