I Love This: Steven Bush Photography

I think I found out about Steven Bush on the Together for Adoption blog. Steven and his wife recently adopted a little boy and shared their story online. Near the end of their adoption, Steven was selling photos online to help cover the final costs. His pictures are beautiful and unconventional. I especially love some of the family photos he has been doing for Christmas lately. They are creative and unexpected. I wish he could take ours but I think he lives down south.

He recently posted that he will be selling his fine art prints online in time for Christmas. If you are looking for a gift for a photography lover (D – HINT, HINT!), his site is a great place to look.

One thought on “I Love This: Steven Bush Photography

  1. hey krysta,thanks for the kind & encouraging words. thanks for spreading the words about the prints. where do you guys live? i travel full time…so maybe we could schedule a photoshoot for you guys. just let me know.bush@stevenbush.orgblessings

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