I Guess I Have Not Been Paying Very Much Attention

Tonight, D and I were watching an old episode of Law & Order and D said, “Oh, it’s Fred Thompson.” I said, “D, that is not Fred Thompson.” We decided to let the internet decide…

Much to my dismay, the man on Law & Order was indeed Fred Thompson. He looks like this:

The man I have been picturing in my mind as Fred Thompson, is actually John Spencer who apparently played Leo McGarry on The West Wing, and unfortunately, passed away in 2005. This is John Spencer:

So, I guess I need to be paying a bit more attention to the upcoming election. I’ll check out Fred Thompson’s Website. In my defense, it does not look like the guy has a chance anyways. I’m sure John Spencer would have been an excellent candidate as well.

4 thoughts on “I Guess I Have Not Been Paying Very Much Attention

  1. Dad totally would have voted for him. I mean combine Law and Order and a Republican candidate. I don’t think there’s a more perfect candidate.Did you vote yesterday?I couldn’t vote for my candidate of choice.

  2. I didn’t vote because I didn’t have time to get the place. But I was planning to vote for Dennis Kuchinich to throw off the Hillary vote.

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