Happy Birthday, D!

Today Dan turns 26. Later in the month, we’ll be doing what every 26 year old wants to do for their birthday…playing laser tag. That was D’s birthday wish. When I went to Zap Zone to book the party I was expecting for the lady at the counter to chuckle when I told her it was for my husband. But when she asked for the age of the guests and I said, “Well, they are all guys in their 20s and 30s” she did not seem to think anything of it. I guess it is more normal than I thought.

I have known D since were were 13 years old which means I have known him for half of his life now. While some things have changed, D has one prominent quality that has always been the same.

D is a people person. He talks to everyone. We will be out to dinner somewhere and across the restaurant he will see someone he may have only met a handful of times and he MUST say hello and find out about their life. I don’t think he can even control this. This can be hard for his introverted wife. But what is comes down to is that Dan is good at loving people. And his love for people is a direct result of his love for God. I have much to learn from him.

I had a lot of qualities in mind for a husband before D and I started dating. Two very specific qualities were apparent two months or so into our relationship. My standards were pretty high and I was prepared to be single for quite a while. They have all been surpassed. Happy Birthday, D…you are my favorite.

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