Grocery Shopping Woes

I really enjoy cooking and do so even more now that I am planning my meals out ahead of time. Coming home from work and cooking is pretty relaxing for me. But what I really do not like about the cooking process though is grocery shopping. I make a list with everything I need for my meals ahead of time so I can get out of Meijer as quickly as possible. The only real free time I have to go to Meijer is on Sunday afternoons and, sometimes, on Saturdays. Either way, these are terrible times to go grocery shopping. I always seem to end up with a slow cashier or someone in front of me holding up the whole process. Recently, D and I ran into the store to pick up a few items so we got in the Express Lane. We quickly noticed the woman in front of us had much more than the twelve item limit. Rather than change lanes, we just waited. The cashier politely gave her the benefit of the doubt and said, “You must not have noticed that this was the express lane,” and the woman just said, “Oh no, I did but no one was behind me when I got in line.” We were not quite sure of her logic on this one. She then went on to argue over the price of five boxes of pasta she buying. Now, I’m all for a good deal, but she had already slowed down the express lane. I calculated the amount she was arguing over…it was just over $1.00.

The other problem I have run in to, especially at Meijer, is their dislike of my reusable grocery bags. I bring them in on every trip and try to have them unfolded and ready for packing when I get to the end of the lane. Several cashiers have been visibly annoyed by these bags. One even tried to educate me on the topic by letting me know that my bags were probably also made by trees and therefore, were not really that helpful. I let him know, politely, that by using them I only had 10 bags, rather than hundreds accumulated throughout multiple grocery shopping trips.

Today, when I headed to the check out at Meijer, I noticed that they had added about ten “No Item Limit” Self-Check Out Lanes with long conveyor belts. I thought I would give them a shot since the cashiers seem so bothered by my bags. I waited for the couple in front of me to bag up all their food and then started scanning my items. As I paid for my items, the guy behind me in line got way too close for comfort, overly eager to use the new machines. Apparently I was not quick enough for this family, because before I could bag up all my groceries they just started scanning theirs and sending them down the belt to crash into my items. Until people learn, “Self Check Out” Etiquette, I think I’ll just go back to the regular lanes. Or I’ll just start sending D to the grocery store but then all we would have in the house is cereal, whole milk, bread and American cheese.

Also, I’m realizing this is probably the longest post I have every written and I apologize. I’m just really annoyed. On a side note, I never have such problems at Trader Joe’s where they embrace my eco-friendly bags and have wonderful customer service.

5 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Woes

  1. I really don’t like grocery shopping at Meijer or Wal-mart. I’ll pay a little more to shop elsewhere and not be so bothered.

  2. I never stand in line less than 20 minutes at Meijer at any given time of day – I simply HATE the store. Now, Trader Joe’s…that’s my all time favorite!! And usually good for you too!

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