My brother-in-law asked me a few weeks ago, “K, you’re kind of green right?” I guess I am greenish. I make attempts at a more eco-friendly life. I try to reduce, reuse and recycle (Thanks, Jeff.) I stumbled accross this blog today: No Impact Man. This guy is doing pretty amazing things to reduce his impact on the environment. In a recent post he listed fourty things that could be done to start living a greener life. Here are a few that I think I could start implementing in my life pretty easily:

3. Buy fewer things. DonĀ“t buy on impulse. Ask yourself if the thing you’re buying is something that you really need.
7. Stopped using my dryer and use a clothes line or drying rack–and enjoy saving the cash.
18. An easy quick tip: stop using papertowels and paper napkins. Keep cloth towels on hand for cleaning and cloth napkins for mealtime.
28. Recognize that happiness in life is related to relationships with other people, not shopping.
33. Swear off plastic bags.
35. Skip sodas, juices, things that come in bottles and cans–for a week.
36. Bring your own mug to the cafe and carry your own water container.

I encourage you to go and read the whole post. It was really interesting and helps you understand that minor changes may make a big difference. And it made me want to get a bike. I had a bike but my brother “reused” it by taking it apart, using the pieces and giving away the frame. Crazy hippie.

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