Last night we graduated from foster parenting training…whooo hooo! As soon as we turn in our last bit of paperwork, we should receive a call with our Licensing Worker to set up a home study. After that, the process will take “90 days – 6 months or longer” (actual quote from our licensing material) until we are licensed and eligible to be placed with a child (or two…or three…just kidding, probably no more than two…for now).

D has five months of pretty intense school ahead of him. While he is studying, it looks like I will be working on our house and getting things ready. I think pregnant ladies call this “nesting” so I guess that is what I’ll call it too.

On a side note, we’ve gone several weeks with out a Style Friday (I know all four of you are very sad). My only style inspiration lately is Mad Men and I just don’t know how many times I can post about that.

And now a picture…

How would you like these two for your parents?

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