Glad to Have Dad

D was away last week on a mission trip with the high school youth group. The boys were amazingly well behaved without their wrestling buddy. I did have to step up my Lego skills though. A friend of mine bought them each a new Lego set – a fire truck for DIB and a police truck for AIB. They were so excited since both sets represent the respective future professions (or so we are told).

At 7:30 am on Wednesday morning, I found myself assembling the Lego sets which is pretty tricky with two excited little boys who like to grab the needed pieces. I would not say they are excellent assistants. At some point, I messed up on the fire truck and we really needed to get on with our day so the sets were put on hold until Dad got home to help them. They didn’t miss a beat and promptly asked him to fix the Legos that mom messed up on Sunday after church.

It was fun to watch the three of them play together Sunday afternoon. I am pretty sure AIB said the word “Daddy” over 1,000 times within an hour. The last few days DIB has been serenading us with songs about Dad on our drives to and from places. Aunt Marcia even got a taste of this when she drove DIB around one day. Here is a sampling of lyrics…

Dad is good because of me.

I have strong muscles like my dad.

I love Dad. I will always do what my dad says!

I was especially glad to have D home because on Saturday morning we picked up Baby Girl R for a short respite placement. R is about the chillest baby around. She is nine months old, very sweet and a great sleeper. I had arranged to take her back to the agency on Monday morning where her foster mom would pick her up at some point that morning (or at least that is what I has assumed). However, at 5:30 pm yesterday I received a call saying the foster parent had just called to say she could not come get her and would come sometime on Tuesday. So, R was at the agency all day in the play room. We picked her back up and brought her home for the night and will hang on to her until her foster mom get back from out of town.

I’d blame it on pregnancy hormones but I know that the frustration I felt over this situation was nothing out of the norm for me. Who just doesn’t pick up their kid?!? Seriously. D reminded me that there may be a good reason why this foster mom was not able to come get her but, regardless, she could have let the agency know before the end of the day. I really hate when these kids get treated like they are not human.

But this is a post about my wonderful husband so I will hold off on any more ranting for now. We celebrated five years of marriage last week. He was gone on his trip but we have plans for a getaway later this month that I cannot wait for. People have asked me if foster care has been hard on our marriage but it has been the opposite. It has been a bonding experience for us. We’ve had challenging times and moments filled with stress and worry but God has been faithful to use this experience to strengthen our relationship and grow our love for each other.

Yesterday, as I pulled into our driveway after picking up the boys from my parents’ house, then Baby R from the agency, I saw D putting away the lawn mower. I said…

“There is Daddy. I just love that guy.”

From the backseat, AIB said…

“I just love that guy too.”

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now. Your passion for (all) children is so infectious. As always, thanks for writing 🙂

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