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I love the internet. I could be embarrassed about the number of blogs I read but I’m not.  Here is what has jumped out to me through my blog reader and/or social networking in the past week.

Kristen talked about the relationships formed through the blogging and social networking world. It is 2011, people, this happens. In fact, it was the catalyst for us becoming foster parents. Which leads me to my next link.

An exciting post from my newest online friend…

Did you know you could miss someone you’ve never met? I long for them to fill this lovely room with their energy and joy. I, just like my Father, look forward to revealing this beautiful room to my future children. I long to see the delight on their faces when they discover what has already been created specifically for them, a place that no one can take from them, a place that’s safe and bright, a mix of past and present, a place to grow.

Jodi shares about the joys and struggles of being married to someone in ministry…

Every pastor’s wife I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a lot) has struggled with the dual nature of the pastor’s wife role. It’s simultaneously exciting and fulfilling and really, really hard.

Yesterday, I lost my patience with my kids more time than I really want to admit. Sometimes, I think, “Where is that nurturing gene I was so sure I had before kids?” I apologized to both of them before bed time and we prayed and asked God to help each of us be kinder and more patient with each other. I appreciated these simple tips from Elizabeth Esther on being a nurturing mother.

One that I would add to her list that I find is an issue for me is making sure to eat well. It is easy for me to feed my kids and make sure they get protein,  fruits and veggies (specifically, using this method). However, I notice that I rarely feed myself as well as I feed them. There are too many days when noon rolls around and all I’ve had is several cups of coffee. Hunger gives me a headache and also makes me way less patient than I’m capable of being.  I’ll feed them lunch, get them to rest/nap time and then eat something that is quick and easy and probably without any protein or good nutritional value. Even five years into being gluten-free, I’m still figuring out what is quick and easy and healthy. What I really  need to do is plan ahead to make sure I have options in the house for me. Anyone else have this problem or something similar?

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post. Wow, I kind of surprised myself re-reading those words. They really must have come from God because I don’t think I’m that eloquent. Haha! I’m so thankful for how the internet can be used to connect and inspire people like a ripple effect.

  2. I am so with you on the food thing. Ellary eats super healthy, and then I think somehow that I’ve eaten super healthy if she has. Hmmmm. Not sure if you have an extra $35 sitting around the house, but I use Plan To Eat ( You can try it for free. I think I like it just because it looks pretty and it makes me feel organized. I’ve been trying to get friends to use it so that we can share all our recipes with each other…

  3. i think it’s funny how we have a social hangup on blogs – my hubby has kidded me about it.

    it cracks me up b/c if we were reading books, we wouldn’t get the same “social stigma”

    it’s the new literature!

    ***maybe i’m just excusing it b/c i’m an addict as well 🙂

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