For Podcast Listeners

D and I both listen to several podcasts. About a week ago, I stumbled across this one on iTunes: Foster Parenting Podcast. For anyone interested in adoption, foster parenting or just hearing about one couple’s story, this is a great podcast. I’ve told D about 30 times now, “You need to listen to this podcast.” It is kind of like how he keeps bugging me to watch The Wire. I still have not watched the show and really do not intend to.

Other podcasts I love are This American Life, Grammar Girl (where I learned that there are times when you can end a sentence with a prepostion) and anything from Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

2 thoughts on “For Podcast Listeners

  1. I love This American Life. Brian subscribes and then we listen together whenever we travel. It’s great for conversation for us besides just good listening.

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