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We had nothing planned for Saturday which is very rare for us. D got up early and went to Men’s Bible Study at our church. I slept in only slightly longer because Piper has decided his new “awake” time is about 6:45 am (or earlier). He used to sleep in his crate and then he got sick around Thanksgiving and I started letting him sleep in the bed. It is my fault. Now we are having to transition him back to his own bed. (And now you know that we totally treat our dog like a child).

When D got back, I was watching A Lot Like Love on cable. I love that movie. I suggested to D that we go to MOCAD with our free day and Dan suggested the Museum of African American History. MOCAD won out because we found it first (although, we did drive by it because I got distracted by the new Biggby Coffee in Downtown Detroit).

MOCAD was interesting. Although, I favor modern and contemporary art, I’m not totally sure I “got” one of the two exhibits they had showing. You can imagine how D felt about it (see picture below). Nevertheless, the museum is totally worth visiting. The building is really awesome, it is free admission (donations kindly accepted) and they have a cute little cafe. I took pictures but I signed some waiver when I got there and am not sure if I am allowed to post them.

When then went to Slow’s Bar-B-Q for lunch. We waited quite a while for a table but it was worth it. I could go on and on about how delicious the food was but you should really do yourself a favor and go find out for yourself. Actually, if you do, call us. We’ll come with you.

The rain kept us inside the rest of the weekend. I did get my papers on Sunday morning so I could do my coupon prep for the week. I’m not going to lie…I sort of hate coupons. I’m trying to like them; I’m trying to get into this whole “couponing” thing but I am doing so with resistance. I could like coupons more if they were for things like spinach, grapes, milk and gluten-free pretzels. But they are mostly for makeup, hair products and air fresheners.

I’ll keep trying though…

8 thoughts on “Food & Art

  1. Krysta, I am with you on how many junk coupons there are out there. But there are also great coupons for toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and other things everyone needs, so think of yourself as saving money on those things so you can buy more spinach!

  2. Things I did while breaking my internet fast:1) rationalized breaking it, because I wanted a Baughman update–it was important.2) read up on the their foster parenting journey thus far3) discovered that jenni has a blog! (couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to it though :()4) dreamt about Slow’s and decided that we should go there with Krysta and Dan

  3. i haven’t checked my google reader in a day…i’m slightly terrified to see how many coupon related posts i have to catch up on…good luck on your shopping trip today! 4 stores! woo hoo!

  4. Responding to all these comments (which make me so happy):Laura – yes, we may need to make a date.Marcia – you read the blog?!? My system is “cut coupons, match them up with sales at stores and then sweat at the checkout.” Go read Laura’s coupon blog for expert advice.Meghan – sorry we caused you to stumble. Do you use google reader? I entered their blog address in and it worked just fine. Let us know when you are ready for a trip to Slow’s because I already want more.

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