First Week of Preschool

AIB started preschool on Monday. He was very, very excited. It was hard for him to watch DIB & G go off to school last week so when his turn came he was more than ready.

It was very hard to get him to hold still for pictures. He was jumping and moving all over the place.

D and I walked him to school, hung up his back pack and went into the classroom. He went straight for the trucks. We sort of looked at each other. He obviously did not need us there so we told him we were going to leave. He looked up and said, “Why?” And I said, “Parents don’t stay for preschool.” To which he replied, “Okay” and turned around to get back to his playing with the trucks. He has eagerly gone each day this week and the only complaint he had was that they served salad on Thursday for lunch. I am so glad he likes it and is feeling like a “big kid” these days.

One thought on “First Week of Preschool

  1. Who serves salad for lunch???

    What ever happened to “lunchables” and “fruit roll ups”.

    Just makes sure Dan packs him some Vitamin D milk because I’m sure they took that staple out as well.

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