Feeling the Love

Having two kids has made me a bad blogger. While time is less available to write, I feel like I could make it happen if my mind was working like normal. That probably says more about me than it does about parenting. I’ve cut my hours at work which requires me to focus a great deal when I am in the office so reading and writing while not at work seems like too much effort for my brain (but maybe my brain would function better if I spent more time reading and writing).

Many people have kindly asked how we are doing with two kids. Two very young kids. For the most part, I think we are doing fine. But I would be lying if I said it was easy. The regular challenges of raising kids combined with the unknown factors of this situation can be stressful and hard.

T is ever changing. As soon as we think we have a good routine down, he grows or changes and we need to re-vamp things. Not much different than any other newborn (I’m assuming). M is doing great but you cannot help but wonder what is going on in that sweet little head of hers. Every week we take them to a one hour supervised visit with their birth mom and we watch for behavior changes after that. Up to this point, we have not really  seen any but that makes me wonder as well. At one point on Wednesday, I was trying to put a very tired toddler to bed while a very inconsolable newborn cried. It was not my favorite moment. But all of this also happened Wednesday:

  • I was able to spend the morning with several new moms talking about all the things that are probably only interesting to us while our babies ate, slept and played and while M wandered around being her sweet little self (and munched on Goldfish and Aunt Heather’s apple slices).
  • A generous friend gave M a birthday gift. Then she filled up my car with diapers, wipes and baby supplies. I knew she had put some stuff in my car but I cried when I opened the trunk. It was overwhelming and so incredibly kind.
  • While at our visit yesterday, the kids’ birth mom wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. I was speechless. That is the type of thing that makes foster care so rewarding and heartbreaking at the same time.
  • We received kind words of affirmation from one of the administrators at our agency telling us that the staff “speaks highly of us.” I hope that does not sound boastful but we deeply desire as Christians to have positive relationship and reputation with our agency. It was nice to know that we are doing something right.
  • I was able to return to helping out at the youth group on Wednesday nights because a friend (and parent of two girls in our youth group) has kindly offered to watch the kids.

That was just Wednesday. On a weekly basis, we have friends and family helping us in many ways, including providing free child care. People have brought us meals. We have not bought a package of diapers since early March and from what I can tell, we are all set well into the beginning of summer. We have baby clothes and equipment thanks to the generosity of D’s sister and family. A few women at church have lent or given me baby carriers that they are no longer using. I could go on and on and on. All this to say, you don’t have to foster or adopt to live out James 1:27. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people who understand God’s heart for these kids.

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  1. Wow. The part about their birth mom wishing you a happy mother’s day got me good. Such incredible fruits of your faith already–thanks for sharing them in this blog. You’re a great blogger!!

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