Eat at Wendy’s

National Foster Care Month continues and I wanted to get at least one more post in with some recommendations about how you can help children in foster care. One very simple way in which everyone can contribute to this cause is…eat at Wendy’s. Seriously.

You probably remember Dave Thomas from the Wendy’s commercials. He passed away in 2002 but during his lifetime he set up the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Dave Thomas was adopted as a child and was a great advocate for adoption during his lifetime. DTFA strongly promotes adoption through the foster care system through various programs, including their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program which has a goal of placing 8,000 – 10,000 children with their forever families by 2010.

The foundation’s website has so much information and they have done a wonderful study called the Adoption Attitudes Survey.

Here are some foster care adoption facts from the website:

  • More than 510,000 children are in the foster care system in the United States; 129,000 are available for adoption.
  • The average number of months that a child is in the foster care system is 39 months (just over three years).
  • Each year, 20% of children exit the foster care system without an adoptive family.

I did not find any information on how much of Wendy’s profits go toward the foundation but by eating there you know you will be supporting a company that supports a great cause. I’m not saying eat all your meals at Wendy’s or promoting a lifestyle of consistent fast food eating. I’m just saying that when you are looking for a quick meal, Wendy’s is a great choice.

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