Dear Chicago

We took a quick trip to Chicago this weekend. I think the last weekend of May is now our official “Chicago Weekend” since we did the same thing last year. Rob and Elizabeth were kind enough to let us crash at their place. Thanks, Globkes!

We visited Millennium Park (which neither of us have ever been too) and took the classic picture at The Bean. We also got to eat some great food, including a stop at our favorite restaurant, Sopranos. We also got to visit the CB2 store (which they do not have in Michigan) and it made me want to completely redecorate my house. Mmmm, maybe that will be the next “Style Friday.”
Somewhat, pathetically, my favorite stop on the trip was to Wiggley Field. Clever name, huh? We happened past the dog park on our way back to the Globke’s and D was kind enough to let me stop and watch for a few (mmm….20 minutes). In that time, I found four other types of dogs I think we should get. After we left, I decided we need to move to a farm so that our twenty dogs can run free. Thats right – our trip to Chicago made me want to move to a farm.
We had a great time with Rob and Elizabeth and I’m pretty sure D was grateful to have sports fans to watch hockey and basketball with. I am already looking forward to our trip next year.
(“Dear Chicago” is a song by Ryan Adams and you should all go listen to it).

3 thoughts on “Dear Chicago

  1. Stop confusing me with Brian. I love, and always have loved, hockey. Next you’re going to think I hate Coldplay.

  2. Dan likes the Red Wings…It might be a stretch to say hockey…Either way, it was awesome having you guys! The hotel is always open for business (milk and gluten free pasta included). We will keep an eye on Wiggley field for you guys!

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