Conversations with Preschoolers and a Third Kiddo (just for a bit)

Last week our agency contacted us to let us know that C (who we cared for in November) needed a respite placement again and this time for eleven days! I’m pretty sure they called us because I had enthusiastically shared with them before that we would take him if they ever needed respite again. They emailed D first with the request, he forwarded it to me and I replied with, “Yes!!!!!!” I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that C is really, really, really cute.

Of course, last time we had him it was only for a weekend and we had no other kids in our home. Three kids is probably a lot more work than one. But we figured this will give us a good test run for what a family of five might be like and to see what the boys can handle. They have lived in a home with babies before and lately, due to the birth of our adorable niece, Annabel, they have asked me a few times when we will have a baby in our house (although, I’m thinking my dad might be feeding them this line). Thankfully, my mom who provides regular child-care a few days a week for us was willing to go along with this. She is pretty awesome.

Meeting sweet, sweet Annie

We told the boys about C’s upcoming visit last night and they seemed to understand. We made sure to tell him that he was just coming for a short while but that they were going to live with us forever. They seemed excited but I’m pretty sure they forgot about it a few minutes later (because, well, they are three and five).

We have been talking a lot of about being a “forever family” with the boys. I don’t think I shared this here but one afternoon I was telling them how they were going to live here forever. We were putting on shoes and doing our normal thing and I said something like, “You guys are not going anywhere.” D sort of panicked and said, “Why can’t we ever go anywhere again?!?!?” He had taken what I said very literally and thought we were no longer going to leave the house. I learned my lesson: be very specific in talking to preschoolers.

I’ve slowly been reading through some of the adoption books written for kids that our library has. The first four I checked out were not good. I picked up this one last week and, although it is not perfect (there is no dad and is about animals), it was okay. I read it to the boys the other night and they were definitely paying attention but did not have much to say about it except that they LOVED the page near the end where all the siblings were playing with a train track.

Our general night-time routine is bath-time (most nights), pajamas, brush teeth, watch a short movie, read a few books, prayers and then get tucked in. Most nights this goes smoothly and I love reading to them. On Sunday night, out of no-where, A said, “Mommy, what color is my face?” I told him it was sort-of brown. D2 then asked the same question and I replied the same. Then D2 said, “Mommy, what color is your face?” In my mind, I was thinking, “Where is this going? D isn’t home. I’m not sure I have all the answers for this conversation.” What I said was, “My face is kind of pinkish-peach.” They both looked at me and one of them said, “Okay” and they went back to watching Thomas the Train.

Add in a lot of laughs and quite a few time-outs and I think you have a pretty accurate picture of what our life is like these days.

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