Congratulations Jeff!

My little brother is graduating from college this weekend! This is very hard for me to believe because in my mind, he is still about 11 years old. That is not because he acts like he is 11 – he is very grown up and wise now. It is just because I am his older sister (or second mother, as he may tell you) and I just think of him that way. We did not get along perfectly when we were growing up. I have to admit, I wasn’t always very nice to him and he was not always very nice to me either. I remember a certain time when he stabbed me in the foot with a pencil. As we have grown up though, we have become very good friends. We are pretty different in a lot of ways but have a great respect for each other. I am very proud of him for his talents as an artist but also because he has the most merciful heart of anyone I know. For the next year, he will be serving young adults coming out of juvenile detention and helping them transition into society by teaching them life skills and how to live in a community. He is very humble and has a great perspective on life. He demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ in how he interacts with people and I can’t think of anything better than that.

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