I’m back!!!

I have not posted anything in a very long long time. K has pretty much been carrying the weight of our critically acclaimed, highly read, thought provoking blog (hopefully one of the three is true). Anyways, I have not posted anything in a long time because I’m lazy. Also, I’ve got the end of the semester this Tuesday and I’ve been doing all the work required to finish up over the past few weeks. I’m not saying I’ve been too busy to post though, I just haven’t posted anything. K reminded me numerous times and then just gave up and stopped mentioning anything. But now I’m back. Plenty of December posts are coming before we head off to Israel on January 1.

For my first post back, I’m going with my usual plan of posting something else so that I don’t have to put in too much work. This video is fantastic though. Maurice Cheeks just got fired as the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. He was fired with good reason, they are playing very poorly. However, even if he isn’t a good basketball coach, he is a really nice guy. A few years ago, when he was coaching for the Portland Trailblazers, a young girl won a contest and got the chance to sing the national anthem at the beginning of the game. She forgot the words a few lines in, and here’s how Maurice Cheeks saved the day.

(Also, for all the basketball fans out there, one of my all time favorite players is shown very quickly in this video. Can you guess who?)


White Chocolate

In high school, Jason Williams, aka White Chocolate, was my favorite NBA player. I stayed up late at night to watch him play the late game on TNT. I was amazed at how crazy he played and how he pulled off so many ridiculous passes. I stayed up super late rooting for the young and flashy Sacramento Kings to defeat the old and fundamental Utah Jazz in the playoffs. Jason Williams influenced the way I wanted to play basketball. So I was very sad to hear that he actually retired this year. He was an unique player who never actually did very much after he left the Kings. But I will always remember sitting in my basement late at night waiting for him to do something amazing.



This billboard was put up by Jalen Rose in order to honor the memory of the Fab Five. It can be seen if you are traveling southbound on the Lodge near 7 mile. K and I saw it a couple weeks ago on our way down to the DIA. It was my favorite piece of artwork that I saw all day. To read a quote from Jalen as to why he put it up click here.

Maybe I’ll post more thoughts on the Fab Five in another post. I can’t wait to see what K posts next in order to keep this from being the first thing people see when coming to this blog.

Oh Lloyd

Here’s my brief rant about Lloyd Carr.

The thing is, Lloyd has been a decent coach for the entire 13 years that he has been Michigan’s coach. I do respect how he’s maintained some level excellence in the program. There has not been any 5 loss (or more) seasons under Lloyd while other major programs have had their issues of rebuilding. So good for him with that. I also understand we had injuries to key players all year.

However, we played unbelievably boring and un-creative (non-creative?) all year long. If I had a dollar for every quick toss to Maningham for a two yard gain I’d be going to Red Robin for a burger and milkshake a lot. And then Lloyd goes out in his last game and opens up the play book with reverses, passes to offensive linemen, halfback tosses, onside kicks, etc. Where was any of this the last 5 times we’ve lost to Ohio State???? Why did he suddenly open it up in his last game? Why not do this WAY EARLIER? Needless to say I was very confused/thrilled with the game on Tuesday. If only we had played with that creativity (both offensively and defensively) all year… and last year too.

Bring on Rich Rodriguez and I hope Lloyd enjoys his retirement. It was time.

My Response

I would respond to such a harsh post… but I’m too busy reading about Michigans win over MSU, the Lions win over Denver, and the Pats win over the Colts. What a good weekend.

My Nemesis: Sports

D and I knew each other pretty well before we got married. Something I did not know was how crazy he was about sports. I used to like sports. College football, March Madness, NBA Playoffs….I liked watching all of these. But now…I hate sports. They are on all the time in my house and I cannot take it anymore.