Saturday Seven

1. D and I are up north without kiddos this weekend! We have generous friends who have let us borrow their vacation home and we are relaxing. D is out golfing and I’m sitting in our friends’ lovely home, drinking coffee (decaf!), and watching Project Runway.

2. Even though we are not doing a ton of sight-seeing while we are up north this time, we keep thinking of all the things we want to do with the kids next summer (and in future summers to come). You hear a lot of negativity about Michigan (specifically, Detroit) in the news but Michigan is a beautiful place! The Sleeping Bear Dunes were just named America’s Most Beautiful Place by Good Morning America.

3. Our dear friends happen to be up north as well this week so we met up for dinner last night in Charlevoix. After dinner, I discovered a new favorite ice cream flavor: Charlevoix Mud (vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel and dark chocolate flecks).

4. I love to shop (and sell) on Craigslist and this week I found my best find yet: an UPPAbaby Vista stroller. When we found out we were pregnant, my mom bought me Baby Bargains and this is the best rated stroller according to them. But the price tag is very, very high! I didn’t even consider it as an option but then saw one listed on Craigslist for a fraction of the new price and with multiple accessories included. We picked it up before we headed up north. The woman who sold it to be had taken such good care of it so it looks brand new. I’m so excited about it and, at the same time, so aware of how un-cool that makes me.

5. I saw The Help last week and was pleasantly surprised. I loved the book so much and thought the trailers for the movie looked so silly. But I was still curious and I’m glad I went to see it. Besides Viola Davis, who played Aibileen, my favorite character was Celia Foote (played by Jessica Chastain). She was so genuine and imperfect.

6. DIB & AIB went maternity clothes shopping with me on Wednesday. What a couple of troopers! There is no way that can be fun for them and I made sure to reward them with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and time in the play-place at the mall. AIB got a big kick out of wearing the fake bump they have in the changing room in the maternity clothes store. He almost left with it on.

7. D is back from golf and we are off to eat somewhere in the cute little downtown nearby. I’m so thankful for quality time with my favorite person.

Home Improvement

I woke up yesterday morning and my brain was bursting with ideas to organize this house. Nesting? I’m not sure. Clutter and disorganization zaps my energy and mood. My kitchen has been 75% primed since April (started to prep for painting & then, surprise, pregnant!). The “nursery” is a disaster area where all things without a designated place have ended up. In truth, we need to schedule some projects on the calendar or they will never get done.

Things on my to-do list:

1. Paint the trim in kitchen, living room and hallway.

2. Prime & paint the walls in kitchen, living room and hallway (and, possibly, nursery).

3. Put the finishing touches on the boys room including:

  • Fix closet doors
  • Hang RIBBA shelving for book storage
  • Hang some pictures
  • Hang some hooks to store backpacks and jackets
4. Turn hallway linen closet into a cloffice (office + closet). See examples below.

1) The Mustard Ceiling 2) Apartmentalizing 3) My Mid-Century Modern Life

5. Add storage to bathroom for towels and linens.
7. Hem and de-tab IKEA curtains in living room.
8. Based on the results of Thursday’s ultrasound, start planning nursery (crib, dresser & wall mirror already owned).
Whew, that is an overwhelming list. On top of it all, I’m doing a garage sale with my mom next weekend hoping to get rid of some unnecessary items in our house.

Saturday Seven (I know it is Monday)

I started writing this on Saturday…

1. The boys were at Safety Town last week. They were very excited when I explained to them what Safety Town was but, of course, when I dropped them off Monday morning they both turned into statues. Blank stares and no talking. They didn’t cry or ask me to take them home or anything – they just got completely still. On Wednesday morning when I dropped them off AIB was clingy and telling me he loved me (and he is not our affectionate one). Regardless, the boys seemed to enjoy the week.

2. Thanks to Safety Town, we’ve heard a lot about stranger danger and playground safety this week. They have been randomly pointing to people at Target and telling me, “Those people are strangers. Don’t talk to them.” While at a graduation party Sunday afternoon DIB shouted, “Those kids are not practicing playground safety!” The highlight of their week seemed to be the visit to the fire station where they got to help the firemen with the water hose and a visit from the police officers.

3. Although you are supposed to get your energy back in the second trimester my body has not gotten that message yet. Wednesday afternoon was rough for me and I was dragging. And I had a four year-old who was not interested in making life any easier. So, after I put the kids to bed, I made a personal size portion of Salted White Chocolate Popcorn (forever indebted to Meredith for this recipe) and watched Baby Mama (again). I should probably own this movie.

4. I told D this week that I feel like only about 70% of my brain is working properly. Everything is just a bit hazy. An example: I rolled my mini-van into a BMW on Wednesday while driving the boys home from the library. The BMW moved and then stopped but I didn’t. Why? I have no idea. The man driving the BMW was so kind. There was no damage to his car and just a tiny crack on my bumper. I was so happy he didn’t want to call the police and that he was not mad at me that I hugged him. I hugged a stranger. I wonder what Safety Town would say about that.

5. Something I really don’t like is being a cliché. “Pregnancy brain” and “mom brain” are cliché. It just annoys me because it is true.

6. DIB told me yesterday that he wishes he had been with us when we got married. I told him I wish he would have been there too (he was about six months old when we got married). I told him there was a video of our wedding if he wanted to watch it and he was super excited about that. I doubt he will feel the same way after watching it for about five minutes. It is not nearly as exciting as The Backyardigans.

7. And the most exciting news of last week…we have a court date! We are just a few short weeks away from officially adopting the boys. Hallelujah!