Style Friday

I love my dog. I pretty much let him do whatever he wants. I don’t even get mad when he does stuff like this:

Let’s all pray right now that I have better parenting skills.

I’ve been known to spend a few bucks on my puppy. Here is the best in puppy style from Etsy:

1. For safety reasons – just in case he ever gets lost (The Poppy Tag from Make Your Dog Smile)
2. Piper may completely destroy this but it is just so cute (Eco Pet Bed from Annie’s Sweatshop)
3. Because it can get cold in Michigan (Hansel’s Thick and Warm Dog Neck Warmer by Beantown Handmade)
4. More for me than Piper – everyone should have their dog immortalized in art (Patience – A Schnauzer in the Dog Art Series by Studio 12-12)

Cabin Fever

I am interrupting our Israel posts to update you on our dog. He hates, hates the snow but I am pretty sure he is going stir crazy with the amount of time he has been in the house. We’ve also had a few long days lately so I guess he was a bit mad at us for going to the movies tonight…

This is Our 100th Post

This is our 100th post. I had big plans for it. It was going to include a video and a t-shirt giveaway. But those plans did not work out.

We started this blog right before Piper came into our lives. To celebrate this monumental occasion, we are posting our ten favorite pictures of Piper. I was going to post our 100 favorite pictures but Dan thought that would be over kill. Here they are:

Here Are Some Pictures to Sum Up the Weekend

Friday night we went out with Brad and Meredith to see Get Smart. It received a terrible review on NPR that morning so I was not hopeful. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was pretty funny and Billy Murray had a cameo. I love Bill Murray and looked at D with a huge grin on my face when he came on screen. D rolled his eyes at me.

Saturday D went down to Highland Park with his dad to get a tour of the old neighborhood while I went to get my hair trimmed (and did a little shopping). When I got home, D had my old guitar out and played Ring of Fire for me.

Saturday night we went out for dinner, took a drive around the city and then came back home to watch Batman Begins, which I hadn’t seen yet and D wants me to see before The Dark Knight comes out. I guess he’s hopeful since I liked Ironman. I didn’t quite make it through the movie and neither did Piper or Jack (who we are watching while my parents are on vacation).

Just a note on our couches: they are in the process of being redone…that is why the cushions don’t match.

D threw the dogs in bed with me this morning and they actually did pretty good staying calm while I caught a few more minutes of sleep.

A few weeks ago my friend, Heather, made sweet potato fries and I’ve been craving them ever since. I made them twice this weekend and they were delicious!

Hope all of you (all 5 of you who read this) had a great weekend as well!


Here are a few pictures of people/animals that are cuter than me:

This is K’s new haircut which looks very cute. Feel free to leave tons of comments about how nice it looks.

This is Piper feeling depressed about the crown and “the procedure” he just went through.

And this is Piper trying to get to my cellphone to call for help because of what we put him through.

Piper Steals

Ellie and Jenni came over for a visit last night and Piper found something in Ellie’s stuff that he wanted.