Too Busy to be Original

D and I both too busy right now to write anything worth reading.

So, we recommend you going to read this post at Sweet Juniper: Open Campus. Dan and I both regularly read this blog.

I have lots of thoughts running through my head lately but no time to put them into words. Someday, we will write something again that isn’t just a link to something else.

More Piper Love

I am not even sure how I found Molly Piper’s blog but I am so glad I did. She is the daughter-in-law of John Piper (who, you know, we love at the B house). In September 2007, Molly and her husband Abraham, lost their daughter Felicity when she was still born.

Molly wrote a great post today about remembering their daughter. It is really honest about the feelings she has gone through during this great loss.

She also wrote a series of posts on How to Help Your Grieving Friend. I know I have found myself without words so many times when friends are dealing with difficult circumstances. She gives great advice as someone who has experienced loss.

Eye-opening Free Press Article

I stumbled across this very well written article on last week entitled, “Take a breath, then read about teens’ normal sex life.” It’s terrifying in so many ways. While this article is addressing the problems raised in a forum for teenage girls in Detroit, I really believe that these problems are wide ranging and not limited to just inner-city neighborhoods.

I’m sure there are many thoughts on what causes this, who is to blame, and how to go about fixing it. The problem is so devastating, I can’t begin to practically think of ways to fix it.

What I do know is that the Church should be the one who is finding ways to protect these girls and teach them that their identity is found in Christ. He loves them more than they know and their value is found in His self-sacrificing love. I hope I can find ways to help be apart of that.