I Love This: Peace Like a River

I forgot to post last week and this week I am short on time. But I want to recommend the book, Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. I read this book on our honeymoon and it became one of my favorites quickly. Enger is a great storyteller and, although the book was written just a few years ago, it feels much older – already like a classic.

I thought this was a good week to recommend the book in case you have a few days off work and have time to snuggle up with a blanket and something good to read. I recommend some coffee or hot chocolate as well. Reading this book would be a much better use of your time rather than watching reruns on Bravo or TLC (which is sometimes what I am tempted to do).

This book came out a few year’s ago but seems to be re-gaining some popularity because I keep hearing about it on different blogs. In fact, John Piper just wrote a review and I recommend you go read it: Not Heartwarming Christian Fiction.


So, if you are doing any last minute shopping and there is a book lover on your list, this would make a great gift. Or check it out at the library for yourself. I’d lend you my copy but I am pretty sure I lent it out to our friend Brad a while ago. I hope he read it. Enjoy your holidays!

I Love This: Steven Bush Photography

I think I found out about Steven Bush on the Together for Adoption blog. Steven and his wife recently adopted a little boy and shared their story online. Near the end of their adoption, Steven was selling photos online to help cover the final costs. His pictures are beautiful and unconventional. I especially love some of the family photos he has been doing for Christmas lately. They are creative and unexpected. I wish he could take ours but I think he lives down south.

He recently posted that he will be selling his fine art prints online in time for Christmas. If you are looking for a gift for a photography lover (D – HINT, HINT!), his site is a great place to look.

I Love This: Christian Alliance for Orphans

We have been bad bloggers. D is working hard on school stuff and has not had time to write the rest of the Together for Adoption posts. Maybe I will get to it sometime over the long weekend.

Anyway, I think I’m going to launch a weekly post called, “I Love This.” Sometimes it may be a product or a something I find on Etsy. Or it may be an organization or a blog.

But, today, since it is November (National Adoption Month), I am going to feature the Christian Alliance for Orphans. I love the Christian Alliance for Orphans because they seek to inform individuals and churches about orphan and adoption ministry. They represent the coming together of many different leaders and organizations who are committed to inspiring and encouraging people to get involved in orphan care. I encourage you to visit their website and sign up for their eNewsletter.

Happy Thanksgiving!