7 Quick Takes Friday

UPDATE: Keanan (Howerton) and Amos (Ivey) are coming home! Praise the Lord! And don’t stop praying for all the other orphans and people of Haiti.

Another set of quick takes – current events edition…

In entertainment news…

1. Tonight is Conan’s last night as the host of The Tonight Show. There have been so many great moments this past week from Conan (and David Letterman). I think this whole thing is ridiculous. I can’t wait to see what Conan comes back with in September.

2.  For some reason I can’t embed videos today on the blog.  But I would recommend you watch this, just in case you were thinking about blaming Conan for this mess: Don’t Blame Conan (David Letterman)

In local news…

3. Last night, I went to my school district’s public budget forum with my friend, Heather, who is a teacher in the district. They need to reduce the budget by $19 million dollars due to cuts that the state is making. As a supporter of public education, this bothers me and I certainly have my opinions on what should and should not be cut. If you live in my city, I hope you will consider either attending one of these forums or reading the summary online (I posted the link on Facebook). And take the survey as well to share you thoughts.

In world news…

4. Yesterday, Anne Jackson posted this on Twitter:

And the link goes to this photo. Beautiful.

5. I’ve been keeping up with the news on Haiti by following Soledad O’Brien on Twitter. Yesterday, she covered the departure of a group of orphans being transported to their adoptive families in the US. Thanks to all who have called and prayed for humanitarian parole for these kids.  The Howertons and Iveys are still waiting for news.

6. The earthquake is drawing a lot of attention to Haiti but there are people who have been ministering there long before the tragedy. Thanks to my husband for sharing a link about this family that has been there since 1994.

In American news…

7. This weekend marks the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and on Sunday many people will acknowledge the right to life through Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. The statistics are overwhelming.

According to the Allan Guttmacher Institute, African-American women are nearly five times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion. Almost one in every two African-American pregnancies ends in abortion. (source: World Magazine)

I am thankful for many churches who will be showing this video on Sunday morning. Consider what could have been.

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Life: Imagine the Potential

Many of your have probably already seen these clips from Catholic Vote. They are both really well done and powerful.  And they happen to touch on two subjects I feel very passionate about.

So, just in case you have not seen them…



Consistent Ethic of Life

I just read through “Principles and Policies for Christian Voters” which is essentially a voting guide put out by Sojourners. My O’Pa (grandfather) was a fan of Sojourners and I have been familiar with the group since high school when he began sending me articles from their magazines. He even signed me up for Christian Ethics Today, a small magazine similar to Sojourners, in which, his poetry was occasionally published. Whenever I get my issue of CET in the mail, I think of my O’Pa. He was known for his somewhat lively Christmas letters which usually gave his opinion on some “hot topic”. He passed away last summer and many times I have found myself wishing he was still here so I could ask him a question about something. He was incredibly wise.

So, I read through this voting guide and thought it made a lot of valid points. I could talk about a lot of them (and maybe I will in another post) but I will just touch on one because it is so close to my heart. Here is what Sojourners has to say under the section titled “Consistent Ethic of Life.” I have added emphasis on certain words because I am going to discuss them.

All life is a sacred gift from God, and public policies should reflect a consistent ethic of life.

“Thus says God, the Lord, who created the heavens and stretched them out, who spread out the earth and what comes from it, who gives breath to the people upon it and spirit to those who walk in it: I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, I have taken you by the hand and kept you.” (Isaiah 42:5-6)

“The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” (Job 33:4)

1. Dramatically reduce abortion. Our society should support common ground policies that dramatically reduce the abortion rate by preventing unwanted pregnancies, providing meaningful alternatives and necessary supports for women and children, and reforming adoption laws.

2. End capital punishment. Our nations’ use of the death penalty should end. We should not take life to punish wrongful death. There is no evidence that it deters murder. It is easy to make fatal mistakes, as DNA testing has shown. The death penalty is biased against the poor, who cannot afford adequate legal representation, and is racially disproportionate.

3. Stop genocide. In Darfur and other countries, around the world, persecution and mass killing continues. Selective intervention by multilateral peace-keeping forces under the United Nations that can protect and save lives should be supported and strengthened.

Does anyone else notice the difference in language between #1 and points #2 & #3? Do you really think God is hoping we just “reduce” abortion? If we are only seeking to reduce abortion, please tell me when it is acceptable?

I found this section of the guide very frustrating. Although titled “Consistent Ethic of Life” Sojourners is blatantly inconsistent.

Abortion needs to end; it needs to stop. It deserves the same strong language they used for capital punishment and genocide. In fact, abortion is “racially disproportionate”. In this country, an African-American child is nearly as likely to be aborted as he/she is to be born. Abortion is “persecution and mass killing.” Abortion takes the life of a child and since 1973 it has taken the life of more than 45 million children in the United States alone.

Christians definitely need to be more consistent in their pro-life message. We need to create more aid and assistance for women facing unplanned pregnancy. We need to show more compassion and acceptance for women in these situations. We need to step up and be the ones adopting children. As people against the taking of a life, we must do all that we can to support those who choose life. As Christians, we must be consistent in our ethic of life but saying we need to just “reduce” abortions is not consistent. In fact, what it is, is Sojourners bending to the political party that they lean towards. They are being cowards. They know if they take a strong stance on abortion people may vote for the “other party.” If Christians want their votes to be taken seriously, then they cannot bend on Christian values. They need to stand firm so that elected politicians (who are supposed to represent the people) bend to us.

If you are sensing my anger, then you are getting the correct feeling from this post. Maybe this is my “lively Christmas letter.” But I hope in my seventies I am still as bothered by injustice as my O’Pa was and that I am still writing blogs like this. This is not my post against Sojourners; I agreed with many things in the voting guide. This is me begging them to not sell their souls to a political party. There are too many Christian organizations who have already done this on the other end of the political spectrum. It is of no use to have one on the left end as well.

Please see the following sites for more information:
Feminists for Life
Protecting Black Life


On Father’s Day, Barack Obama gave a speech at some church in which he said, “We need fathers to realize that responsibility does not end at conception.” This is baffling as he is very much in favor of abortion rights.

Here is my logic: if someone is a father then a child must exist. If fatherhood starts at conception, then conception must be the beginning of a child. If a child begins at conception and you are in favor of abortion, then you are fine with killing a child.

I’ve watched Obama talk on abortion before and it is my belief that his conscience is not really clear on this issue. How could it be if he truly believes that life begins at conception? His statement (which is one I guess he has made several times) is totally confusing.

FYI…this post is NOT my endorsement of John McCain. I’m not a fan of either of the choices. My vote in 2008 goes to…DB.