California Love: Day 5, 6 & 7

On Sunday, we were able to join Dave and Amanda for a trip to their church. Pasadena Church is a little larger than Bell Creek and also meets in a high school so Dan was excited because he is always interested in seeing how other “mobile” churches set things up and run their services and kid’s programs.

The worship was great and I especially loved the testimony from one of their members who had overcome a drug addiction and is now leading the choir at a home for women. Another thing I appreciated about the church was the diversity and general attitude that everyone is welcome there. The pastors shared a message on love and respect in marriage and one of the pastors used the phrase “fake the funk on a nasty dunk” in his part of the message. I thought it was awesome and, since it is a sports related analogy, I can only assume that Dan appreciated it as well. We grabbed lunch afterward – more authentic Mexican food! Delicious.

After lunch, D and I headed down to Huntington Beach. After we parked, we noticed that lots of people were lying on the grass, behind the beach and away from the water. We were not sure why you would come to the beach and stay away from the water but we soon found out why. As soon as we laid our towels down, near the water, we were pelted with sand. The wind was so strong that sand was blowing everywhere. We lasted about five minutes before we moved up to the lawn.

After our (brief) visit to the beach, we headed out to meet with T & W of the Foster Parenting Podcast. I had emailed them a few weeks ago with a question and mentioned that we would be vacationing in California. Wendy kindly emailed me back and asked if we would like to meet up with them. When we arrived at the place we were meeting, I started getting a little nervous – I felt like I was going on a blind date. D just laughed at me. There was no reason to be nervous – we had a great time with them and it was wonderful to meet them in person. Before finding their podcast, I knew very little about adoption through foster parenting. We are so thankful that they have been willing to share their story; it has been a blessing to us. And, once again, I recommended that you go listen to their show – here is a link to Episode One.

On Monday, we slept in a bit and then headed out for a hike. Dave’s neighbor was nice enough to loan us a pack for Mason. It did not look like the most comfortable thing in the world but Mason was a good sport about it. We made it about half-way up but it was getting pretty hot so we decided that was a good enough hike for the day. We had lunch at a classic California restaurant – In & Out Burger.

On Tuesday, D got lucky because all of the art museums we planned to go to were closed. We ended up doing something much better – visiting Kidspace. Kidspace is a children’s museum in Pasadena. We have never seen anything like it. Mason seemed to have a great time and accomplished two things he had never done before: making all the way to the top of the climbing tower and climbing through the dark ant hole. As much as I love art, it was much more fun to see Mason having such a good time.

We returned from Kidspace to face the reality that it was time to go back to Michigan. I tried to get in a few more pictures before we said our goodbyes (we took over 300 pictures while we were there thanks to my new Nikon D40).

Thanks Dave, Amanda, Mason and Willow for having us for the week and sharing in so many fun times! We miss you guys (and I already miss the Mexican food too).

3 thoughts on “California Love: Day 5, 6 & 7

  1. Now it’s my turn to thank YOU for the shout out! It was so fun to meet you guys, and we loved hearing about your journey. Enjoy those balmy summer days back in Michigan!Wendy

  2. You two seem to be practicing the role of care giver/parent very well!! Looks like you had a LOT of fun too!Thanks for sharing – I’ll check out that podcast!Anytime you want to go for Mexican -give me a call…do you ever go down to Mexicantown?

  3. We miss you guys too! We loved having you out here. Mason is still asking about you both…he misses you! Can’t wait to do it again.

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