California Love: Day 3 & 4

After utterly destroying him in golf on Thursday, Dave wouldn’t hang out with me on Friday. Actually Dave, Amanda and Willow had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. K and I had promised Mason we would take him to the zoo when we were visiting, so Friday morning worked perfectly. Like all two and a half year olds, Mason is a big fan of animals. He seemed very excited. We were too. At some points, it felt like I was with two kids at the zoo because K gets about as excited as a two and a half year old for some of the animals. I think the highlight of the zoo for Mason was the zebra and the elephant.

Here is Mason’s thoughts on the elephant:


At the zoo, they had those fans that spray mist to keep you cool (like they have at Cedar Point when you are waiting in line). We were walking by one and Mason did not seem to be a fan (that’s right, I went with the pun) at all. He threw his hands over his eyes and wouldn’t open them until I told him we were past the water. I would say, “almost done,” and then he would echo me but keep his hands up. When I said, “all done,” he would echo that too and slowly take his hands away from his eyes.

We made it two and half hours at the zoo before Mason (along with K and I) had seen enough and were ready to go home. Here are a few other pictures from the zoo.

On Saturday, we thought we’d go to The Grove, which is an outdoor mall where you have a better chance of spotting a celebrity (something K would enjoy) than say… Michigan. I wanted to see if Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy) was there because he mentioned that he frequented the Farmers Market at The Grove. I looked all over, but the Sports Guy wasn’t there. Neither were any celebrities. So it was just K, Mason and I. Oh, and a giant mouse that Mason wanted to see but didn’t want to go anywhere near.

We walked around for a little while shopping and then my back started hurting (something K claims is completely mental… which might be, but it still hurts and means I must stop shopping immediately). I made it a little longer by playing a game with Mason called find Aunt K. It consisted of me pushing the stroller around in a store saying, “Where’s Aunt K?” Then we would finally find her and Mason would get very excited. He would immediately say, “again?” and we would do it all over again. It kept us entertained and kept me from annoying K with stories of my awful back pain.

We then met up with Dave, Amanda, and Willow and grabbed some lunch at the Farmers Market. K kept up with her “I’m only eating Mexican food this trip” theme and had tacos, while I mixed things up with a very tasty corned beef sandwich.

One last note: for some reason which I don’t understand, K does not enjoy the new Coldplay album as much as I do. Therefore, we hadn’t listened to it much in the car at home. However, Mason LOVES the new Coldplay album and all he wanted to hear was “the violin song” (Viva la Vida) and “the guitar song” (Violet Hill). So, thank you Mason, Aunt Krysta couldn’t say no to your cute requests and I got to enjoy a lot of Coldplay in the car.

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  1. Mason has two new favorite Coldplay songs – the “strawberry song” (Strawberry Swing) and the “drum song” (Death and All His Friends) – which oddly enough only has a minute of actual drums throughout the entire song. But when he hears those drums – he loves it!!!dave

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