Busy, Busy

Somehow I’ve become a once-per-week poster. We’ve been busy!

A little housekeeping: I’m going to be referring to the kid’s by their initial’s now. It was getting a little confusing. So, from now on DIB (for 5 year old son) and AIB (for 4 year old son). We are still K (mom/wife) and D (dad/husband).

Thursday we were able to take family pictures with the fabulous Jenn Anibal. I cannot wait to see them. I told her I wanted a different setting (not a park) and we came up with the Dequindre Cut. And, although I’ve been pinning ideas on our outfits for this photo shoot for the past three months, we ended up scrambling at the last minute (in typical fashion) and picking out clothes a couple hours before. I think what we came up with coordinated pretty well without being so matchy-matchy. We spent most of the hour begging our non-napped four year old to smile. I trust Jenn got some good ones.

Friday morning we had Kindergarten Round-Up. Very strange to be a parent of a soon-to-be kindergartener. DIB has been expressing a bit of anxiety about this change next year. He won’t be at the same school where he attends preschool and will have to say good-bye to some friends. Fortunately, the blow was softened when he realized our neighbor, C, would also be there. We walked to school that morning and when he saw C’s family’s car go by, he said, “Oh, C will be there? Well, nevermind my other friends!” We are going to work on loyalty.

I’ve had a little anxiety over school next year for DIB and my fears where calmed during kindergarten round-up. Lots of people have given me the advice that as DIB’s mom, I know him best and know if he is ready or not for kindergarten. My gut instinct was that he was ready but there was this voice in the back of my head saying, “You just met him six months ago. You don’t know him that well.” After they went through the curriculum I was able to say, “Yes, he can do this.” It is going to be a long day for him and an adjustment but I think deciding to start him in kindergarten in the fall is the right choice. We have not totally narrowed down which school yet but I’ve decided that will be D’s decision.

After the big event that was Kindergarten Round-Up, we met up with my mom and AIB to introduce the boys to the wonderful past-time that is garage sale-ing. It is a family tradition and they needed a proper introduction from the master herself, Grandma. We taught them how to look for signs and after we picked up some games and toys at a bargain price, I’m pretty sure the boys were sold.

Saturday night we celebrated our four year old (whose birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year). He was eagerly anticipating the party and lit up every time someone new walked in. It was just family but you would have thought we had invited 50 guests. He was pumped. After everyone left he said, “Mommy, I’m so glad everyone came to my party.”  The big brother struggled a little bit with the lack of attention and asked a few times during gifts, “That one is a sharing toy, right?”

On Sunday, we did something that I think testifies that we truly, truly love our kids. Along with D’s parents, sister & brother-in-law and their kids, we headed out to see the real Thomas the Train. In 40 degree weather. In the rain. For three hours.

None of the five children under the age of five seemed to notice the rain. They were so enthusiastic. Three of the kids got temporary Thomas-themed tattoos. DIB is holding strong to his claim that he will “never, ever get a tattoo.” Big thanks to my in-laws for getting us the tickets to this event! The kids had a great time and the parents and grandparents enjoyed seeing the kids have a good time. We came home and crashed on the couch for most the rest of the evening. I justified the excessive TV-watching with the fact that we spent the afternoon in the rain, making life-long memories.

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  1. WE still remember our Thomas the Train visit from when my oldest was about 3. Great memories! (Ours was in HOT weather and I remember a kid at the next train table in the playing tent peed on the floor and it ran all over the ground. Playing Thomas while standing in someone else’s pee…Good times. You know you are parents when that’s your idea of fun.) And P.S. Kindergarten decisions don’t have to be stressful. The worst that happens is you find that he isn’t really ready and you take him out and wait another year. Have a good week!

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