Birthday Gifts

My birthday is not until Thursday but I have already received a few birthday gifts! My coworkers at Care Net gave me two of these cute red mugs and lovely dish towels for my birthday. One of the benefits to my job is working with women who have really great taste. These items are from Anthropologie, where I have purchased many gifts for my girlfriends.

Also, my little brother called me last week to ask me what I wanted. I told him that Mark Driscoll had a new book coming out that I was interested in but I did not think it was being released until later this month. Much to my surprise today…it arrived from Amazon! What a good brother.

Thanks for the gifts!

One thought on “Birthday Gifts

  1. ok, my gift will not fall under this category of gifts that these creative people got for you…mine is more under the category of “well, it’s the thought that counts”. oops. i tried…but nothing turned out like i had hoped. this was plan c. or maybe d.anyways….love you! happy birthday!

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