Baby for the Weekend

Tomorrow we will be taking a respite placement. He is just over one and will be with us until Monday morning.

What is respite? It is basically glorified babysitting for other foster parents. You need to be a certified foster parent to do respite care but it is just another way to help out foster families. This little guy’s foster mom is going out-of-town for the weekend so we get to play with him for a few days.

Respite is a great way to help out kids in foster care even if you cannot adopt or foster long-term.

2 thoughts on “Baby for the Weekend

  1. k-
    that’s wonderful. enjoy him. 🙂

    so, if one becomes a certified foster parent, they can solely be a respite caretaker? is it the same certification process, giving one the option to grow into full foster care?

    hope you & d are well. many blessings & grace & peace to you both.


    • Yep! Sometimes respite is longer than a weekend (I believe it can be up to 30 days). But once you are certified, you would be able to transition into full foster care much more easily.

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