Are you in?

Confession #1: The last time I read through the entire New Testament was when it was assigned for my New Testament class in Seminary.

Confession #2: The last time I read through the whole Bible in a year was when it was assigned for my Old Testament Introduction class one semester and my New Testament Introduction class the next semester in College.

Recently I read this blog entry by JR Vassar.

He states,

The most important thing you can do in 2010 is cultivate a devotional life that facilitates the intimate nearness of God. You won’t accidentally get close to God. So, for 2010, I wanted to encourage you to embrace a focused intentionality in your devotional life.

He also gives some great practical advice on how to do this. The main thought is this: have a plan and stick to it.

If you want to read the whole Bible in a year, here’s a link from Bethlehem Baptist Church that provides a plan that gives you 5 days off a month (in case you need to catch up). You will read 4 different sections of Scripture each day.

If you want to read the whole Bible straight through, Genesis to Revelation, here’s a link for that.

If that seems too daunting of a task, then how about just reading the New Testament in a year? That’s only about a chapter a day. Here’s a link for that.

Finally, there’s always the problem of forgetting to read for a few days. Well, now you can have your passage emailed to you or you can subscribe to have it sent to whatever you use to read blogs. Here’s a link for that.

There’s no excuse not to. I think it’d be awesome if all of us (because really, it’s just our friends who mainly read this) committed to each read through the Bible this year. Even if you don’t consider yourself a Christian, read the Bible and see what we believe and why. We all can do it. Stop thinking of your excuses, just do it.

I’m in.

Are you in?

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