Adoption Stuff (and a little bit of gloating)

UPDATE (10/6/2009): Estimate is in for the egress window and we are going with it.  God has graciously provided in making the final cost be exactly the amount we have saved up.  Looking forward to getting this done ASAP.

Last week, I went on a long walk with Piper.  I grabbed my iPod and scrolled to the Family Life podcast where I found that the most recent episode was entitled “Embracing Adoption.”  Family Life is a great organization who has continually encouraged Christians towards adoption through their Hope for Orphans campaign.  In fact, several years ago I was able to meet Dennis Rainey (President of Family Life) and he said that if Christians really wanted to do something to end abortion, they needed to start adopting.  I was instantly a fan.

Anyway, back to my walk. The episode featured Dr. Russell Moore (you may remember that D started reviewing his book a while back) and he was telling the story of how God provided for them to adopt from Russia.  It is a great story and it did not take long for the tears to come (because that is just how life is for me now).  And then I realized just how crazy I must look to the kids who were getting out of class for the day as I walked by the local high school.  So, I pulled myself together because I did not want anyone to think I was totally nuts.

This weekend also happened to be the Together for Adoption conference.  Last year, we had a great time but we could not make it this year.  However, we did enjoy tweets from the conference while we were watching the Spartans dominate on the football field (I had to work that in here somehow).  One of the tweets, from the conference linked to this video and I thought I would show it here.


I’m looking forward to catching up on the audio from the conference this week and, hopefully, writing a bit about it here.

Two more quick things…

If you are on Twitter, you really should be following Dr. Russell Moore.


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