Adoption Day

I don’t remember being the boys age (or at least not much) so I wanted to write a letter to them on their adoption day…

Dear DIB & AIB,

This morning we officially adopted you. You have been our sons since you moved into our house in November but today the State of Michigan made it official. We have been falling madly in love with you over the last eight months.

You are still young and since I do not have a lot of memory of being four or five years old it is very possible you won’t remember today. All your in-town family came to court. We squished into the Judge’s chambers. You sat on mom and dad’s laps while she asked you a few questions. You were both a little shy (not really your typical demeanor). We had an early morning court date which meant you were spoiled by chocolate chip cookies for breakfast (courtesy of the court) followed by pancakes at a diner with your family.

Your cousins Ellie, Shay and Annie were there (so was your sister but she was still inside mom’s belly). The night before Aunt Jenni explained to Ellie what was going to happen the next day. They talked about what adoption meant. Ellie ended up in tears, upset that her parents did not adopt her. It is safe to say that you are in a family that loves kids no matter how they arrive. You are deeply loved by your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins as well as an extended group of family and friends who sent us loving messages throughout the day.

It is possible that sometime in the future you might wonder how in the world you ended up with us. Right now your life is all about toys, swimming, wrestling with your dad and consuming as much sugar as we will allow (especially, you, AIB). You don’t seemed concerned with the hard things you have already experienced in your life. But someday you will wonder about your birth parents. You might feel frustrated, angry or confused about how your life started. You are allowed to feel that way and we will always do our best to answer any questions you may have.

We love you so much it is hard to comprehend. We loved you before we knew who you were. You are our boys and, as much as I beg you to please stop growing up, we cannot wait to see who you become.


Mom & Dad

We are feeling overwhelmingly blessed with all we have experienced in the last few days. The kindness and love of our family and friends is amazing. I am looking forward to sharing more but we still have some celebrating to do.

15 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. A huge congrats!!! What a beautiful love note…it had me holding back the tears. The boys are blessed to have you guys…and I’m sure you are blessed to have them!

  2. yay! so excited for you guys! happy adoption day! and how fun that you’re having a GIRL! i have a feeling she is going to be fiercely protected by her big brothers! 🙂

  3. congrats! so happy for you, sad your fostering journey is closing (for now???) followed you and now that we are in the early days of our journey see it with a whole new set of eyes!

  4. My heart is so full for all of you! Praising the Lord for bringing those precious boys into your home and allowing you both to be their forever parents (and for bringing them into our lives, too!). Wow – what an awesome week!!

  5. Congratulations! It’s lovely of you to write all this down. I have no doubt your boys will always know how much they are loved.

  6. I’m a little tired and emotional already but this definitely made me cry! Starting at the point where cousin Ellie was upset that her parents hadn’t adopted her. Adoption is such a beautiful thing. I know I don’t know you guys well but I’m so proud of you and happy for your family, too.

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