A Good Reminder

Last weekend, I made a list of all the things I want “fixed” around the house: the pantry door the just doesn’t work right, the unappealing brass doorknobs, the ugly light fixture in the bathroom…the list goes on. Even with all these “problems” there is no place I’d rather be than home. At the end of every work day, I am anxious for the moment of struggling with difficult lock on our side door and coming in to see my sweet, little puppy waiting for my attention.

I am easily distracted by Pottery Barn catalogs and granite counter tops. I think about our “need” for a new rug in the living room or a newer deck in the backyard. However, when I think back on my childhood and my home growing up, I never think about these features. What I remember about childhood and my teen years was that I always enjoyed and felt safe being home. It was relaxed and comfortable.

I was reading a blog today and the author said this:

It isn’t just about the things or the space, of course, it’s about what we do with those things and that space. And what we do in our home, is lots and lots of living. Like anything full of ‘life,’ it’s always changing and moving to fit the kind of living we do in it at any given time. And while there may be little ‘new’ that comes into it, and it may not ooze of a magazine photo shoot, there is all that vibrant life that embraces me each time I walk in the door. (SouleMama)

The post was a reminder to me about what “home” really means and also a great reminder to not get wrapped up in all things we are told we “need” for our home.

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