A Few Random Thoughts

I have started writing posts several times in the past week but haven’t had the time to put them together well. So, here are a few random thoughts and updates from the B household…

1. D and I watched the debate last night. I don’t think it helped either of us out at all. The candidates did not speak to any of the issues that Dan and I really care about. It actually just made me cranky and anxious.

2. We are doing a Compassion by Command group with our church and it is going really well. It has been interesting to learn about God’s heart for those in need and examining our own thoughts about poverty and wealth. Our church has broken into small groups to go through this study and it is encouraging to know that we attend a church who wants to help those in need in our community.

3. We need Halloween costumes. Our church is having a neighborhood Halloween party and Dan and I both need suggestions. If you don’t help us out D is going to go as a soccer player again and I’m going to get out my old clothes from college and go as a hippie. Any ideas?

4. We are traveling a bit over the next few months. In early November, we are headed to South Carolina for the Together for Adoption Conference. The following week I head out to Colorado Springs for the Care Net Client Marketing Solutions training and to see my wonderful, little brother. Then it looks like we are headed to Israel in January. More on that later…

Hopefully, we will have a better post for you soon. I am in the middle of the busiest season of work right now and D is taking four classes at MTS so things are a bit crazy.

4 thoughts on “A Few Random Thoughts

  1. Eila suggested our family dress up as skunks. Maybe that would be something you could try. And, I was also annoyed with the debates and feel myself becoming more cynical all the time.

  2. You guys do have a lot going on!I have cave-man and cave-woman outfits somewhere in my basement! (think more like Flintstones than real cavemen!)

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