7 Quick Takes Friday

I have never done this before but I am participating in “7 Quick Takes Friday” from Conversion Diary which I started reading several months ago when I linked to this post from Twitter.

So, here are my seven quick takes from this week…

1. My parents are amazing. Last week, my mom came over to help me with our bathroom makeover. She was there on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. While she was painting, my dad was organizing our garage and basement and mowed the lawn. My dad is really good at organizing and both the garage and basement look amazing now. My mom returned this week to help me finish up some things in the bathroom and even worked there on her own while I was at work. Things that would have taken much longer (or would have never gotten done) have now been made possible.

2. As someone who was both a public school and private Christian school student, I loved this post at Stuff Christians Like. I loved it almost as much as I loved this one.

3. D asked me yesterday, “So, how much did you cry listening to T & W’s Adoption Day podcast?” Mmmm, the answer is, “I started crying when it started and did not stop for about 21.5 minutes.”

4. I work with a bunch of awesome women (I believe I have mentioned this before). And what makes it even better is that we all subscribe to the belief that a day of work requires a least one piece of quality chocolate (preferably dark and with almonds).

5. About seventy-five people I know linked to this on Facebook/Twitter today. This one is still my favorite:

6. In November, I was in Colorado for work and got to catch up with a friend from high school. Her husband had been deployed to Afghanistan just a few months earlier and she was having a rough day. I couldn’t blame her. I realized how rarely I think about the men and women who put their lives at risk for the sake of our country and sitting talking with Carey made it all very real. The good news is Steve (Carey’s husband) returned home today! I’m so thrilled for them to be reunited. Thank you, Steve (& Carey), for the sacrifice you have made.

7. D and I started the second season of Mad Men. I just love the design from the 1960s. Whenever a scene is taking place in the main characters house I am just looking at the furniture and linens. I actually said out loud the other night, “Oh, I really want that table cloth.” I would just love to be part of the set design for that show.

So, that is my seven. Have a great weekend.

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  1. I loved your quick takes! And I'm thinking both of your parents deserve lots of dark chocolate with almonds 🙂

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