7 Quick Takes Friday

This one is a bit all over the place….

1. We saw M and T a couple weeks ago. Not sure why I didn’t post about it but they are both doing great. I seriously could not believe how big T was. He is not crawling yet but has taken to rolling across the room at an amazing speed. I’m not sure how they are keeping up with him. M was hesitant with us at first and clung to her mom (which we took as a good sign). But after about ten minutes she decided she needed to to show us a bunch of stuff including all her Dora-themed toys (and there are many) and her new potty skills. We took a walk to the park by their house and had a great time playing and laughing. We should be seeing them again next week.

2. My friend, Marcia, is having a little baby boy in January and, along with her sister, I’m working on planning a shower. I’m finding myself distracted by all the fun options for baby showers theses days:

{1} A school themed shower for a teacher {2} An outdoor, fall woodland event {3} A nautical, modern shower {4} And my personal favorite, a Pat the Bunny shower

Inspirational but we’ll be going with something suited to the mom-to-be’s taste for our event.

3. Due to the lack of cable television and a great deal of cynicism, I’m pretty unaware of what is going on in the political world. I know, I know…there is an election next week! I kinda wish we were headed to the Rally to Restore Sanity tomorrow.

4. D and I have both been keeping up with the crisis in Haiti. I am a bit ashamed of how unaware we were until the earthquake last January. We keep up with the news through Real Hope for Haiti and the Livesay’s blog. Right now there is an opportunity to help malnourished children.

5. Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan put together a fantastic resource of how you can help orphaned and vulnerable children if you cannot adopt.

6. Poverty Unlocked is a podcast hosted by W (of Foster Parenting Podcast). She recently did an inspirational interview with Matt and Julie Kouri and Dawit Kassaye Woldeyohannes about how they are working with the orphan care crisis in Ethiopia.

7. D and I have completed our crazy month of school and work. We are officially waiting again for a new placement and hoping it will happen sometime next week. I’m spending the weekend “nesting” (again) while we wait for some new little ones. We are excited but please pray for the kid/kids who will be coming into our home from tough circumstances.

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