7 Quick Takes Friday

1. We had a great time celebrating M’s birthday last week with some family and friends. She woke up in a mood that day but perked up as soon as other kids arrived to play with. Pictures of her would be more fun but here are some of the decorations I had fun making:

2. I’ve said it before but I definitely would have read up on babies had I known T would be coming into our life. We honestly just never expected a newborn. He changes all the time and hit a growth spurt this week that set off his schedule. Monday night he shocked us by waking up in the middle of the night HUNGRY. He had been fussy all evening and I was expecting him to sleep through the night as usual. Needless to say, there were two people having midnight meltdowns (but mine could not be appeased with food). Thank goodness for D taking over and letting me go to sleep.

3. CNN recently did this piece: Kids On Race. It was so interesting to watch. Some parts are sad but I love the girl at the end of the clip. Her attitude gives me hope for the future.

4. This was one of my Mother’s Day gifts and what T wore to M’s birthday party:

I’m slightly obsessed with these pop culture onesies. Would it be overkill if he wore one everyday?

(From: Daisy Louise-Classic Baby, Kameli Shae, and TrulySanctuary)

5. I’m just realizing that most moms want their kids to look cute and sweet. And I would dress mine in a t-shirt with the face of a cynical, fake news reporter. Or a gangster rapper. Makes you wonder about me, doesn’t it?

6. This is my new favorite meal to make: Pepper Chicken with Hummus. It is so easy. Last night I served it with tzatziki sauce as well.

7. I just painted the tiniest toenails hot pink. Having a girl is fun.

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I am delighted to read your last couple of posts and to hear how well you are all doing…to hear that others are experiencing the same paradoxical crazy amazingness that is being foster parents.
    PS Girls ARE so stinkin fun. I went to babysrus the other day….hadn’t been there in a LONG time and I wanted to have another girl just so I could buy her clothes. Probably not the right reason 😉

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