7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Two words: Emma Grace. How sweet is she?
DSC_1158Emma is the daughter of Jamie & Jen (they are our dear friends who happen to also be family) and was welcomed into the world early Monday morning. What a great way to start the week. I was able to visit her Monday night. She sneezed while I was holding her and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. We are thrilled to have a new member in the family.
2. Last Saturday, I finally was able to watch the Spartans. My emotions were all over the place and, needless to say, I was disappointed in the end. And mad at the quarter back. And then I read an article where he said this:
Football’s not my foundation. It’s not my identity. My faith is in Jesus Christ and he’s not changing anytime soon. I’ll keep trusting in him and in his plan and move on from here.
And then I felt guilty for being annoyed with him. But please, please beat Wisconsin this weekend.
3. In the spring, we decided to get rid of cable. It should be simple, right? Call the company and cancel your cable. But then we learned that we needed a home phone line (foster care policy) so we needed to call the company, cancel cable and have a home phone line installed. Then it just got complicated as we switched providers and then waited on some rebates. But as of this week, we are officially cable-TV free.
4. I’m needing inspiration for what will be our kid’s/kids’ room. I think I’ve decided not to paint it. It is a warm yellowy-gold right now and is my favorite color in the house. I think I can work with it and still make it feel like a fun, child-friendly space. I’m finding lots of inspiration here.
5. The conference I was at earlier this month had a representative from Bethany Christian Services there and at their table they had all this stuff about the MTV show 16 and Pregnant. I saw parts of it a few times when flipping the channels but, honestly, I stopped watching MTV around age twenty (thus making me very out of touch with what is popular in teen culture).
Something reminded me about the show and I went to MTV’s website where I was able to watch the full episode of Catelynn and Tyler, two 16 year-olds who had been together since seventh grade. Early in their pregnancy, they decided to place their baby for adoption (of course, MTV phrases it as “giving away” their baby). I was just in awe of this couple. Neither of them have stable home lives (Catelynn’s mom & Tyler’s dad are totally opposed to adoption) but make an incredibly selfless choice to place their child in a home that is more stable than what they can provide for her at this point in their lives. I would strongly encourage you to go watch this episode.
There were three things that really struck me. First of all, Tyler (the birth father), looks so incredibly young. He still has such a little kid face but you will be blown away by the maturity he has in this process. Secondly, Catelynn’s mother and Tyler’s father (who, by the way, are now married to each other) are so incredibly against the adoption. Even though Tyler’s father was absent for a great deal of his son’s life, he still thinks Tyler should “man up” and take care of his child. Catelynn’s mother buys a bassinet and puts it in her daughter’s room even after knowing that Catelynn and Tyler have chosen adoptive parents for their kid. It is so frustrating to watch them make an already difficult situation harder on their kids who are obviously making a selfless and amazing decision. Thirdly, the whole episode my heart was drawn to this couple who have in many ways had to grow up too fast because their parents put them in terrible situations. I wished that I could take care of them.
Sorry, that wasn’t very “quick.”
6. We had someone come to give us a quote on the egress window. I’m getting pretty excited because I think it is going to make our basement a much more enjoyable place. Just hoping the quote is not too much more than what we are expecting it to be.
7. Last night, Marcia and I talked on the phone for nearly two hours. And the only reason we stopped talking is because I wanted to watch a certain two-hour premier of a television show. Marcia, I know you read this now because I email it to you – COME BACK TO MICHIGAN. Seriously, think about it. There are no Coney Islands in Cincianatti.

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  1. It's true, there are NO Coney Islands in Cincinnati. I remember that being one of the "weird Michigan" things I had to get used to. However, there ARE Skyline Chili's in Cincinnati. And Graeters. Which is even better.

    Also, I love your yellow room and so will your future kids!

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